Vultalk Definition

Vulgarity is the quality of being common, coarse, or unrefined. This assessment can encompass language, visual art, social class, or individuals aspiring to higher status. According to John Bayley, the term itself can never be self-referential, as acknowledging vulgarity implies a level of sophistication that, in turn, distinguishes the subject from what is deemed vulgar.

Ease into it.

Embrace your own pace and give yourself permission to explore. Learning how to engage in dirty talk is a personal journey, and there's no need to adhere to anyone else's timeline. If face-to-face interactions are not yet comfortable, expressing your fantasies through text can be a more suitable option.

Focus on what turns you on

Regardless of genders, arousing each other is crucial to enhance intimacy, fostering emotional readiness for reaching heightened and passionate states of desire. Embrace your true self without apologies and exude confidence by practicing intentional and repeated behaviors, as it is not merely a personality trait but a learned quality.

Don't overthink it

When you're deeply connecting with someone, experiencing that delightful in-person tension, sex often becomes the instinctive choice to fulfill those desires. Allow dirty talk to enhance your sexual experience rather than impede it. By releasing the pressure you place on yourself, you'll find that exploring the realm of sexual experiences becomes much more natural and enjoyable.

Avoid specifics

When expressing your feelings to your partner, there's no need to focus on specific physical attributes like cup size or girth. A simple phrase like "I love your body" can set the mood perfectly. If you want to add some adjectives, general terms such as "beautiful," "pleasing," and "passionate" work wonderfully. Remember, it's the sentiment that matters most.

Just like any other kind of sex, always ask first, even if they're someone you've sexted with before


Focusing On What Matters Most

Our lives have become an open book, where we feel compelled to share every meal, date, and activity on social media, making them a matter of public record!

As inherently ritualistic beings, we often find meaning in patterns and objects, whether consciously or not. Employing a specific playlist, wearing a particular perfume, or lighting a special candle can become triggers for pleasure, connecting the mind to enjoyable experiences.

Choosing to withhold some moments from constant sharing creates an aura of mystery. Embracing surprise and intrigue can be profoundly enticing, adding to the allure of our interactions. Moreover, this practice encourages us to live in the present, prioritizing what truly matters.


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Dirty things to say during sex.

To build anticipation:
I'm so hard/wet right now.
I don't have any panties on.
I'm dripping.
I want to feel you against me.
I want your lips against my skin.
Just wait until we get home.
I want you into me.
Fuck me from behind.
I want you inside of me.
I want to see you play with yourself.
I want you to undress me.
Against the wall.
I want you between my thighs.
I want to taste you.
I want your cock in my mouth.

In the moment:
Hold me.
Caress me all over.
Come for me.
Kiss my nipples.
Choke me.
Grab my ass.
Just like that.
Right there.
Pull my hair.
Bite me.
Look at me.
Talk to me.
Say my name.
Whisper in my ear.
Don't stop.
Stroke my cock.
Play with my clit.
Get over here.
You like that?

You're so good inside me.
Your pussy/cock feels amazing.
I love your body.
I love it when you lick my ear.
I love it when you touch me there.
I love the way you moan.
I love the way you taste.

One word classics:

To finish with:
I love how hard you can make me come.
Your tongue is magical.
That was incredible.
You want to go again?

Future plans:
When you get here, I'm going to [sexual activity].
I really liked it when we [sexual activity]. Let's try that again.
I can't wait to fuck you tonight.
I've been thinking about [fill in the blank] all day long, and I can't wait until we can [fill in the blank].
What do you think about doing [sexual activity] the next time we're in bed?
I've been looking forward to sitting on your face all day long.
I know it's been a long day. That's why I'm going to [sexual activity] when you get home.

That thing you do with your [insert body part] really makes me hot.
It makes me horny when you [fill in the blank].
You're always on my mind.
I want you so bad.
You look good enough to put in my mouth today.
You make me so wet/hard when you moan.
How to talk dirty on the phone.
Whether you're having phone sex for the first time or you're in a long-distance relationship, here are some dirty things to say when you're virtually connecting with someone. Pair with a long-distance sex toy to really up the ante.
Personalize these phrases to fit your relationship, and match the language you and your partner already use. Remember, one couple's vanilla is another couple's kink.

I wish I was there.
I wish I could hold you right now.
I miss the way you feel inside of me.
I miss the way you taste.
I miss the way your [insert body part] feels [insert verb] against my [insert body part].
When I get back, I'm going to [insert sexual activity].
I can't wait until I can go down on you again.
I'm going to fuck you so hard when I see you.
I'll rip your clothes off the moment I see you.
In the mood:
Thinking about you is making me so wet/hard right now.
I want to see you naked...right now.
Just hearing your voice makes me want to touch myself.
I love it when you talk like that.
Tell me what you want to do to me.
I want to feel how wet/hard you are.
Play with yourself for me.
Whisper dirty things to me.
Tell me what you want from me.

Questions for playtime:
What are you wearing right now?
Are you touching yourself?
Do you want to have FaceTime sex?
Are you alone?
Do you miss my body?
What else do you like when I do it to you?
Do you want to listen to me come?
The way you're sexting me is hot; want to show me what you're talking about?
I'm touching myself. Do you want to taste?

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